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Why Bonanza?

Founded in 2018 in Colorado, Bonanza Cannabis is a company that prides itself on producing premium cannabis products. We strive to produce the best concentrate and edible products on the market, and we do so by ensuring quality each and every time. Everything we do is handcrafted to create a consistent, high quality product that consumers can be confident in. Our goal is for the consumer to have the best experience possible, and to actually enjoy the cannabis that they are consuming.

Bonanza Cannabis Products are made with care for a truly enjoyable experience!

Bonanza Cannabis is a proud partner with Tommy Chong to produce Tommy Chong’s Cannabis
products in Colorado


Bonanza THC Vape Concentrates in multiple strains


Bonanza THC Edibles
Multiple Strains available

Tommy Chong 

Only the very best products carry the name Tommy Chong



“Smooth all around”


“I use for migraine relief and pain relief for my fibromyalgia”


“Bonanza feels good”

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