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Tommy Chong Full Gram Vapes

Tommy Chong Full Gram THC Vapes

Tommy Chong's Grapefruit Haze - Sativa

A fresh and fruity taste that will leave your taste buds tickled.

Tommy Chong's OG KUSH - Hybrid

A smooth and herbaceous citrus whisper will make you feel like a true OG stoner.

Tommy Chong's Purple PUnch - Indica

It's deliciously sweet with berry and grape notes on the inhale. Upon exhale, this berry exciting strain will transform into a dank and rich citrusy exhale.

Tommy Chong's Green Crack - Sativa

This smooth strain will leave you with a tangy, earthy undertone.

Tommy Chong's Mango Kush - Hybrid

Hypnotic flavor tasting like mango fruit with a smidge of pine on the exhale.

Tommy Chong's master kush - Indica

Puff this vintage master Indica strain with traces of incense and the exhale of earthy citrus.