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Bonanza THC Vape Concentrates in multiple strains
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One of our best sellers, leaves a stimulating tropical and pineapple flavor leaving you wanting more.


This Berry special strain will leave you pleasantly uplifted with the taste of strawberry.

Super Lemon Haze

This purely citrus strain leaves an alluring potent aftertaste of lemon. 


Trainwreck is a mind-bending, potent sativa with effects that hit like a freight train. This strain takes on a sweet lemon and pine aroma. Trainwreck begins with a surge of energy followed by a euphoric feeling.

Sour Diesel

Wake up the senses with the earthy, distinctive flavors of this strain. Giving smokers a full-frequency experience.

Fruit Punch Haze

Take a vacation and get a taste of the tropics. This strain has a sweet scent of berry paired with an earthy element. Providing a euphoric sense to help escape the stresses of life.

Goji Berry

Providing an energizing high and delicious flavor, Goji Berry is a great choice for any wake-and-bake. The effects hit you as soon as you exhale, filling your brain with a lifted sense of energy.

Pink Mango

This unique strain offers fruity flavors of mango & berry with earthy undertones. To make you feel the perfect balance of energy and euphoria.


Blue Dream

The perfect combinations of flavors as you inhale the blueberry tones that awaken your palate.

Dragon Berry

Dragon Berry has an insanely delicious berry fruity flavor that’s accented by fresh pine on each smooth exhale. With each fresh inhale brings lifted feelings of happiness and focus as well as a building sense of creative energy.

Mango Kush

Hypnotic flavor tasting like mango fruit with a smidge of pine on the exhale. The high is centered on the body, with deep relaxation, strong euphoria, and a general sedated feeling.

Pineapple Express

A favorite among stoners. This strain will leave you with an elevated experience and a funky, citrus taste.

Pink Lemonade

The sugary and vibrant lemon flavor of the Pink Lemonade strain produces a calming effect instantly putting the mind into a haze. The fruity aroma is the perfect blend of citrus and earth and makes for the perfect sweet treat.

Tropicana Cherry

Tap in to the sweet cherry & citrus notes, producing a functional daytime high. Great for handling chores at home or hiking.

Space Queen

Space Candy/Queen inherits a unique flavor profile of candied apples and sweet cherry, counterbalanced by more tame earthy notes. Providing users with a unique and balanced high.

White Widow

Low-profile and balanced simple flavor that’s calming and electric to your senses.

Wedding Cake

Inhale into a romantically pleasing moment that is sweet and savory. It is a breathtaking flavor that will leave you with a vanilla undertone.


Blueberry Kush

A Berry potent, spell-binding strain that will invigorate your taste and help you recline into a relaxed state of mind.

Northern Lights

A subtle, inviting flavor that will take your breath away and keep you in an enticing state.

Granddaddy Purp

Achieve grapeness with this potent flavor profile that will leave you purple-hazed.

Watermelon Kush

Step into the sun with Watermelon Kush. This juicy strain has a sweet aroma and a vibrant, fruity flavor profile.

Dream Berry

True to its name, this strain smokes like a dream. With flavors of sweet sugary blueberry with a tangy fresh lemon aftertaste. The high has fast-hitting instant pain relief in both mind and body.


Papaya produces a mental calmness. The fruity flavor is accompanied by a hint of herbal & floral notes. With sweetness and just enough spice.

Skywalker OG

May you find your force with Skywalker OG. Add some spice to your life with the peppery and pungent herbal flavor this strain offers.